Common Signs That You Need an Ashburn Tree Removal Service

Trees provide significant benefits to our Ashburn Virginia homes, including providing tremendous beauty and helping to preserve the environment. However, when trees or parts of trees fall and injure people or damage property, they quickly turn into liabilities. It is important to note that every tree has the potential to fall, but only a small number actually hit something or someone. There is no such thing as a tree that is completely safe.

Tree removal job in Ashburn Virginia

Since trees can be found on almost every property in Ashburn, there will likely come a time when tree removal becomes necessary. In many cases, proper tree care may be performed to eliminate the need for removal, but this will depend on the tree’s current state. As an Ashburn home or real estate owner, it is your responsibility to provide for the safety of trees on your property. One way to do this is to learn to identify some of the common defects that indicate a tree could pose some risk and eliminate them before it causes the need for emergency services.

Trees grow larger with age, and while a small tree could be left to wither and die on its own, larger trees pose a significant danger to pedestrians and residents and large tree removal is a service that requires specialized skill. Some of the common signs indicating that cutting is needed include:

Falling Branches

When tree branches fall freely or are easy to break off, this is an indication that the tree is unhealthy or decaying. If the Ashburn tree is located close to a home, a large falling branch might easily damage the roof or hurt someone walking in the yard.


Tree needing removalSome trees lean naturally, but if you notice significant leaning, the tree could pose a risk to nearby buildings. In case of leaning, an inspection of the surrounding soil will help to determine whether tree cutting is necessary. If the roots are exposed on the opposite side of the lean, then it would be a good time to call an Ashburn tree specialist. According to qualified arborists, trees that have sustained damage to 50 percent of their roots should be removed.


You might notice large cracks in a tree’s trunk. We often see this type of thing in pine trees in Ashburn. This is an indication that the tree may be weakening. This could occur as a result of age or a natural event such a lightning hitting the tree. A trained Ashburn Virginia professional should be contacted to evaluate the tree and offer advice on whether the pine tree needs to be cut down.


You might notice brittle wood or some pockets in the wood, which indicate a decaying problem. In addition, check for signs of fungal fruiting bodies on tree trunks or branches. Trees with multiple trunks might also present a higher risk of infection and general weakness, so look out for cracks or holes that could allow harmful fungal or bacterial growth on the trunk. If there are insects involved, the decaying process will likely be sped up, causing further complications. In such a case, tree removal services are necessary to prevent more problems.

Proximity to utility lines

Trees that fall into utility lines can be very dangerous. They can potentially injure people and damage property close to the line, and hitting a line could cause power surges, outages and fires. In addition, downed lines may still conduct electricity, which is very dangerous. Tree removal would be necessary in case a tree can potentially fall into a utility line.

Preventive measures

A tree in Ashburn that needed emergency removalBefore a severe storm hits, which often happens in this part of Virginia, it is advisable to call a qualified contractor and find out whether your trees are at risk of falling and damaging your home during a bad storm. Such preemptive measures may come at a cost, but it is also important to consider the value and investment in your home or property. In addition, it will cost you significantly less than you would have to pay for emergency tree removal, not to mention the damage that would likely be left behind by a fallen tree.

Regular tree care will also go a long way in ensuring trees with unacceptable levels of risk are identified. Once identified, the appropriate steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of the tree falling and injuring someone.

Professional services

Ideally, while it is possible for the average Virginia homeowner to identify common defects in trees, it is important to have a professional tree removal specialist in Ashburn VA evaluate the seriousness of these defects. Trees are innately strong and healthy, and in many cases, removal will not be necessary. However, if there is little chance of saving a tree, a safe removal will be carried out by the tree care company.

If you have any questions about your trees or are looking for a reliable tree removal company in Ashburn Virginia, contact Genesis Tree Service today!