Reasons For Hiring Emergency Tree Services

There are many cases when a tree can become uprooted, blown over during a storm, or branches can fall causing Ashburn property damage or even injury. Emergency tree removal service is necessary for removing any parts of a fallen tree that can be hazardous or for removing broken limbs. Following are the most critical things to consider when searching for an Ashburn emergency tree removal service.

Experience and Credentials

There are many companies available in the Ashburn, Virginia area that can provide you with emergency tree removal services. But don’t just hire anybody! Many times after a storm the “woodchucks” come out in droves and canvas neighborhoods knocking doors looking to sell their tree services. The problem with this is, although convenient, much of the time these guys are amateurs and don’t have proper licensing and/or insurance.

Besides just not having insurance, which is a big problem in itself, many of these types of tree workers aren’t properly trained and lack the necessary experience to accomplish tree removal in the safest manner.

So when considering a tree expert for removing the damaged or fallen tree in your Ashburn yard, always check their credentials before hiring them. Do they have insurance? They should be carrying a Declaration of Liability Insurance that they can show when asked. Do they have experience? How long have they been in business? These last couple of questions can usually be answered just by doing a quick check on the web. Our advice is, if they don’t have a web presence, they’re not professionals. What kind of business does’t have a web presence in this day and age?

How much will emergency tree removal cost?

This is a question we often get asked, many times over the phone before we have even seen the job. While it would be nice to be able to answer this question sight unseen, this isn’t practical. There are many variables that have to be considered before quoting a tree removal price, especially in an emergency situation. Things like:

  • How big is the tree?
  • Where is it located? Above or nearby power lines? Across or next to a roadway?
  • Has it fallen into a house, building, or some other structure?
  • Is it close to other properties that could be damaged if something goes wrong? (In Ashburn, there are many homes and sometimes tree removal can be tricky)
  • How difficult is it to gain access to the location?

These are all things that have to be accounted for before a solid tree removal service estimate can be given. Often times an emergency situation will end up costing more than a traditional tree removal project, and this is due to the hazardous conditions that are typically present at the time of the tree work.

Tree work safety

And finally, the safety of the arborists and your property should always be considered. Our emergency tree specialists have been trained in all of the latest safety techniques and use top quality tree care safety equipment. This ensures that the work completed on your Ashburn property will be done quickly and without injury or property damage. The last thing you need is to add insult to injury with a tree removal mishap.

So if you have a need for emergency tree removal services in Ashburn, Virginia, call us a Genesis Tree Service. We’ll come out and survey the job and give you a written estimate on the spot. With over 8 years of professional service in and around the Loudoun County area, we have the experience and skill to remove trees, even in dangerous situations, both quickly and safely. Contact us today.